Sony PSP

Posted under electronics 16 May 2005

Sony PSPThe Sony PSP is like having a flat screen TV, game console, a “dvd” player, and an mp3 player in your pocket. The first thing to catch your eye, is the beautiful screen that it has. Even while switched off, one can tell that this screen is extraordinary. Turned on, the screen can light up a room. The image quality coming from the 4.3″ LCD screen is vivid. While watching Spiderman 2, the movie that came with the PSP, i could only wonder if the picture quality surpassed my wega in my livingroom, just on a smaller scale.

I played Ridge Racer on the PSP and the graphics quality were very good. The sound coming from the built-in speakers was sort of tin sounding and weak, but in the absence of my normal headphones it would do.

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The man who has everything should not pass up a chance at owning one of these trophies. The PSP represents the pinnacle in “on the go entertainment” because of it’s ability to play games, movies, and music. I don’t believe it will unseat the iPod as a music playback device, but it will hold the title for best portable theater or arcade. Also the cache for owning one is very high, since getting your hands on one still requires putting your name on a waiting list at places like best buy or gamestop.
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Strongbad: the video

Posted under DVD 16 May 2005

Strong Bad's First 100 Emails A handsome boxed set containing three full DVD’s featuring the first one hundred Strong Bad e-mails, with all of the hidden scenes and other easter eggs intact!!

Special features include three previously unreleased Strong Bad E-Mails!

Also, hidden character and creator commentary!! Have fun trying to find ’em!!

Four Karaoke Videos!!

Over an hour of never-before-seen puppet stuff, behind the scenes action and other hilarious antics!!

Region FREE so it’ll play in DVD players all over the world!

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